T3i – Getting to know you!

Lots of controls! I bet some people who own these have never touched half the features! OK, as I get this web page up and going, I will be firing off a lot of posts on stuff I bought cheap on eBay. Also made a video stabilizer I found on YouTube. Thanks for stopping by!

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Added a Video!

On the side of these posts should be a YouTube video. It's the one I used to make my video stabilizer. Modified mine by filling the shoulder support only with bb's I had in an old Daisy box and bought a rubber stopper [1/2 inch] at the hardware store, tamped the bb’s in with a dowel, [an unsharpened pencil will do!] then trimmed the stopper top a little and jammed it in tight! This gave it a little weight to offset the camera a little. Not sure how he did the screw, but I used a thumb screw 1/4 20 , and a couple self locking nuts and a couple washers and a spring. It was JUST long enough. For the top of the electrical box I glued a piece of that no slip mat you put in drawers. Will add a picture of mine to this when I get a free moment.

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Moving the site to MyGoodPictures.com

To cheap to renew the old domain address! 

Working on another twist. We shall see how that pans out. Not much picture taking lately. Will get back into the swing soon I hope!

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Gone but not gone for good!

Been absent a while, a small bout with Cancer. Hopefully that’s all behind me and back to taking pictures!

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Ordered ANOTHER eyecup…

Two missing so far from family members removing it and not remembering where they put it! So I ordered another one. Here's a new link to it Eyecup From Cowboy Studio and waiting on another from China for less than $3!!


Also looking at this, Will buy when I get some spare money. LCD Viewfinder

..LCD2 thumb Ordered ANOTHER eyecup…LCD thumb Ordered ANOTHER eyecup…LCD 4 thumb Ordered ANOTHER eyecup…

Pretty cheap @ $12.99 and because I have a battery grip, I can’t use the other style with the metal bracket. I am thinking of making my own bracket but we shall see.

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Lowepro SlingShot 100aw

Bought this the same time I got the T3i, A little small for my taste. Barely fits the camera in with the 250mm zoom. No way with the lens hood on. On the Pro side, way better than lugging a standard camera bag! Kind of wear the back strap diagonal on your back with a small strap that clicks in from the side. So it sits straight up on your back with both straps. When you need it, just unsnap the little strap and it swings around in front of you, with the lid on top. Two safety snaps keep you from unzipping the top too far and possibly dumping out your extra lenses. Mine is semi-loaded with a spare lens and hoods and a bunch of batteries in the main compartment. The other compartments are stuffed with other do-dads like the cables,lens caps, cable release, and other stuff. Almost forget your wearing it! And your hands are free from lugging it or putting it down to take a picture. You can actually rest your arms on it when it’s in the front position. It also has a weather shield that pulls out of the bottom to cover the whole bag

Main gripe would be it’s small, tough pulling the camera out with the grip and a zoom lens. Might go with the same style just bigger. Now that I have my camera outfitted, It will be easier  to take it with me to test the next case for roominess.

LPSS200AW1 Lowepro SlingShot 100aw

18 2035 IMG41 Lowepro SlingShot 100aw

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Shooting the moon!

Thought that would be easy….NOT! Zooming in on it, it is very bright, read somewhere 25x brighter than a bulb. With aperture full open, i played with the shutter speed. Mostly a white ball till I got to around 1/200 then I could see the craters, but, then the moon went gray.

This was a pretty good shot;

 Shooting the moon!


IMG 0179crop Shooting the moon!

        f/6.3 1/400 ISO-100,250mm


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My first purchases for the new camera.

The wish list was as follows; Battery grip, better eye piece for the view finder, a tripod, another memory card, more batteries, hot shoe protector, screen protector.

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